Unveiling The Wonders of the Word Prt. 1

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The bible declares  that the word guarantees REST (Hebrews 4:10). Seize from trusting in yourself, and begin to labor (in the word) to enter into REST. John 6:63 reveals that REST is resident with God.

God’s what is what you need to enter into REST. It is not on the surface, you have to dig deep for revelation. Nothing of treasure is ground on the surface. There is a spirit behind every word, you have to dig deep to catch a revelation (Ezekiel 2:2)

Nobody can see glory sitting down. You must dwell in the word of God for revelation, for light.

Treasures In The Word

There are many treasures in the word but let’s look at 2 of them:

  • God’s word is Powerful (Eccs 8:4, Psalm 29:3)

You have to start looking for something before you can find it. You can’t expect the word to come and find you, you have to search, you have to look deep. (Hebrews 1:3)

  • God’s word is Enlightening

A discovery of what you don’t know puts you in command forever. Psalm 119:130 shows that the entrance of the word gives light. Hence, no light, no glory. The more we search the scriptures, the clearer our path in glory (Isaiah 60:1-3)

The Impact of Light

  • You need light for things to work (Psalm 29:7)
  • The word of God divides fire, the word divided the red sea, the word can divide anything.
  • When you have light, you command attraction.
  • When light is come, fear disappears

My/Personal Notes, Sermon by Pastor Yemi Awodiran

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