Venom Energy Drink, WHAT?

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I have never tasted the venom energy drink but today as I was driving I saw the van. What caught my attention was the eyes looking straight at me from behind. I am not trying to stop people from buying the venom energy product but from what I perceived this drink “venom energy” is probably not something you would want to be drinking or put into your system physically or spiritual. Why? Because in as much as the spiritual realm plays a role on the physical, the physical also plays a role in the spiritual. Some of our actions in the physical do matter for the manifestation of the spiritual or vice versa.


Let’s first consider what the name implies:

Venom “the poisonous fluid that some animals, as certain snakes and spiders, secrete and introduce into the bodies of their victims by biting, stinging, etc”. Basically it is poisonous.

Energy: “an adequate or abundant amount of such power” or “the capacity of a body or system to do work”

Venom + Energy = Serpent Poison Power in your body, walk in the flesh, and depend on your physical strength. Basically you don’t even need that much spiritual insight to understand that the name gives the idea away!

Consider both and see that the name itself gives the idea away so it is up to you to drink, find something else or better yet drink water.  Whatever you do, remember we are in the end times. I wouldn’t be surprised if I later find out that this drink is what I am actually thinking right now but can’t put it down on paper now simply because I would like to hear clearly from the Lord and exactly what He would want to be do with what I hear. In the physical energy drinks have their effects, whether it is in your favor or actual side effect; and to some extent they also play a role on the spiritual side. For example, they may lie to you about things you should do or not do with your body when you depend on them and in the flesh.

Even without the pictures of the drink with a snake around it, you can literally see the outline of a serpent on the bottle and the message is clearly passed across to consumers. They are not trying to hide anything so it is your decision to drink or not to drink. Clearly they know who their target market is. Are you one of them?

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