What Does It Mean To Be Born Again? Part 1

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For a person to be truly born again, they have a memorable encounter with your Savor, Jesus Christ. It’s the same way when your parents first gave birth to you and you came into this world …even as a baby, it is a day you always remember as your “birth day” even until you die. Some people may not be able to pin point the exact date but they remember the day they were BORN “AGAIN”.


  1. Being Born Again is the rebirth of your spirit man.
  2. Being Born Again is being born of Water & the Spirit. Being Born Again reveals who you ‘re to you to an extent.
  3. Being Born Again opens your eyes to see what Jesus has done for you to an extent.
  4. Being Born Again comes with revelation, you can now see the Kingdom.
  5. You can understand what Jesus was saying in John 3:3.
  6. Being Born Again will cause you to HATE sin and run from it as fast and far as you can…not slowly.


The kingdom of God is not in definition, It is a really simple question…”can you see it?” The question has nothing to do with defining the Kingdom of God.  If you ‘ve a hard time understanding that then you ‘re within the category I speak of.  In that case, I’d advice you go before God. Seers and hearers and all has nothing to do with being born again. Even unbelievers can see visions and dreams.

Are You Born Again? 

If yes, praise God! If not, please visit this page to get more information on how to get connected with your maker!

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