What To Expect When You Take the Holy Communion?

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holy communion health and wholeness We have heard a lot about the Holy Communion, some of us do take it in church and at home; but what really happens when we do? After reading Joseph Prince’s “Health & Wholeness Through the Holy Communion”, I have gained more understanding and I’d like to share this with you.

Personal Testimony of the Holy Communion

I have always been a strong believer of Holy Communion and what it can do before I read this book. In fact, whenever I feel sick, I take the Holy Communion and I feel even stronger yet again. It has been medicine for me and I value it more than any other medicine out there.

Like John said, “I was in the spirit on the day of the lord” and I heard these words: “The Holy Communion is medicine”. Since that day, I began to put even more value on the Holy Communion (the blood of Jesus and flesh) that was broken for me to be healed in my body, my mind and my soul, has never failed. Thus this book has also confirmed what I knew and revealed more knowledge to me about His broken body/flesh and the blood that was shed.

Why Partake of the Holy Communion?

When you partake of the Holy Communion with understanding and expectation, you receive life in your body, soul and mind. The life of God, even the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is able to resurrect every dead aspect of your life by reason of the blood of Jesus Christ.

Before you take of the communion, ask the Lord to open your eyes to see the mystery of His blood and what has been done for you!

“Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.” -( John 6:54)

What To Expect When You Take the Holy Communion?

What you do not expect, you are not entitled to encounter, so when you take the Holy Communion in remembrance of Jesus Christ, you are to remain expectant.

  • Expect The Resurrection Life of God to be activated in You
  • Expect wholeness in your body, mind, soul and Spirit
  • Expect that your eyes of understanding will be open
  • Expect the Lord to reveal Himself to you.

What Does The Blood of Jesus (Holy Communion) Do For You?

  1. The Blood cleanses your heart and conscience of evil works
  2. With the blood comes forgiveness of sin & where there is forgiveness there is deliverance.
  3. The Blood pleads your cause and declares you justified
  4. The blood speaks “passover”. Any evil that is intended to land on you ought to passover at the sight of the blood of Jesus Christ
  5. The blood is your irresistible last card against the devil and his cohorts

The Broken Body of Jesus Christ

The broken body of Jesus Christ brings healing to your body. You are not supposed to remain sick if you have the understanding of what Jesus Christ did for you on the cross. When you eat of His flesh, you eat wholeness and His flesh expels every darkness and sickness that is clinging on to your body.
Please listen and watch the videos below then take the communion with understanding what what you are doing!

The Mystery of the Holy Communion | The Miracle Meal

The Mystery of the Blood of Jesus – ON BLOOD SPRINKLING

Understand the reason for taking the Holy Communion

Take The Holy Communion with Pastor Chris

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One Response to What To Expect When You Take the Holy Communion?

  1. Eleonore says:

    Now I understand how impartant the Holy Communion ist I did know it
    before when I was in the church..

    I have please onother Question? my life is a little with struglle
    i have the feeling that something is holing me back.

    Now I pray for self-Deliverance& breaking of GeneralCurses,How longe
    I have to pray this until the breaking is works?

    I thank you very much for your answer

    God bless you.