Why Tithe? 10+ Reasons Why Believers Should Tithe?

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As we have already seen in “Principles of Tithing”, there are benefits to tithing and it is a choice; God will not force you to Tithe. But know that there is an advantage or shall I say “increase” that is tied to tithing and only Tithers are guaranteed such. (Zach 1:17, Matt 6:33, Hag 2:6-8, Ex 35:4-5, Ex 3:1-22, Mk 1:12, Gal 6:7, Gen 8:22, Psalm 89:34, Jere 33:20, Is 14:26).

tithingAs we see, the only time God promises to open the “windows of heaven & pour out a blessing” is when we Tithe (Malachi 3:10). One might argue that this was only applicable in the old testament but we will also agree that though we live by grace, there are things we can do that will put us at an advantage of receiving more. This is not to argue over Malachi 3:10 (as old testament scripture), it’s just a reference to help emphasis the importance of scripture whether it is old or new. For example, if you are already blessed, which we all are in Christ & you refuse to give, you will not get anymore. If you close your hands to giving, you can’t receive. God will not continue to increase you if you want to keep everything to yourself. He has blessed you so you can be a blessing to others…so giving is a way of saying to God “I really appreciate what you have given me & I want to give back”. Basically, your giving attracts “increase”. If you just want to sit and do nothing all in the name of grace & still expect the extraordinary, you will be wasting your time.

Don’t Get it Twisted

You can’t totally throw out the law because we live by grace – Christ is the law & the end of it (Romans 10:4). Hence, this is a matter of “understanding”. Please note, we are not trying to stick to the law, but we want to consider God’s word in its entirety. Without much focus on Abraham’s covenant with God & regardless of the context of Hebrews, the bible interpreted Abraham’s action as giving to “the King of righteousness” by interpretation. He was blessed, saw how blessed he was, appreciated it & then he gave. So then…if Abraham could give a tenth (Heb 7:2) then who are we to throw tithing out? & yet we want to claim to be the seed of Abraham? Abraham saw how blessed he was & gave. Let me ask you: why do we want to share in the blessings of Abraham, even the Father of Faith, & yet we can’t do what Abraham did?

“To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace;” (Hebrews 7:2)

We say we want to be like Jesus & we follow in His ways and emulate Him. In the same vain, we are to emulate those who did things that pleased God. We talk so much about David, Abraham, Ruth, etc & we want to have what they received from God but we do not want to do what they did? God has given us examples to follow and shown us what to do if we want to experience what they experienced. So the fact that we live by grace does not exempt us from paying Tithe, it is just a matter of choice. You can choose to give or not to give. And when you give, don’t do it grudgingly or by force; and it must be done with understanding.

The Wisdom of God

God does not need anybody’s money, He is looking for who to increase, that is release “more”, “abundance”, etc. His word has already gone out & He does as He wills. Hence, He is looking for who would JUST see truth in His word, apply it in obedience.

This is not a matter of mixing grace and law, this is simply applying wisdom & understanding the scriptures. Get wisdom and in all thy getting, get understanding (Prov. 4:7). If you tell people to not give Tithe because we live by grace, you are not telling them the whole truth. Matter of fact, you are lying to them. Why? Because “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Tithing is as important as grace, otherwise God would not give it to us for referencing.

It’s like saying: “if you don’t brush your teeth, you will still be alive (though you will begin to have a bad breathe after a while). On the other hand, if you brush your teeth, you will not only be alive but you will have a good breathe and be able to talk to people comfortably. The benefit of brushing your teeth is very obvious. Hence, if you don’t tell people the whole truth, such as: “tithing is beneficial” then they will not know what to do or apply those things that will clearly bring an increase or positive impact in a particular aspect of their life/finance.

Dimensions of Truth

There is truth & there are higher dimensions of truth!

  1. Telling someone not to give Tithe because we live by grace or because false preachers will use it for their own profit is NOT Truth (lie) because you are trying to negate the law, which is also Christ. Whether we live by grace or not, Tithing is God’s word & it cannot be revoked. The scriptures cannot be broken (John 10:35).
  2. Telling someone that Tithing is not required to stay alive and live day to day is Truth.
  3. Telling someone that Tithing provokes a harvest/increase when done right is a Higher Truth.
  4. Telling someone that Tithing in Faith commands the extraordinary & opens certain doors that are not open to someone who isn’t applying the principle is Higher Truth x2 and so on…

THE POINT IS: Tithing is not required to live in Christ but it is beneficial to you, the giver. Just as every word in the book is important, this is also important. Just as grace empowers you to do anything, Grace also empowers you to pay tithe.

Now if think this is mixing grace with law, consider this… The law says you should not kill or sleep with your neighbor’s wife. Well, now you now live by grace, why do you not go about lying, killing & stealing? You could just say: “I live by grace so I can lie and steal all I want”, right? Well, Tithing is the same way.

tithingAn Act of Faith

Someone once said “we already ‘ve all the blessings, all we need to do is believe & receive”. Well, that is absolutely right but if you say you believe and you don’t do what you believe, then you don’t believe at all. Since you have been “believing”, how has that helped you? You must put action in your believing and therein lies the blessings. The bible says Faith without works is dead. You can’t just believe and not take actions to prove that you actually believe. Remember, this is between you and God and not man.

Purpose: 6 Reasons & Benefits of Tithing 

When people Tithe without understanding or for the wrong reasons, they may not see results. When you do something with understanding and the right motive, then God is obligated to perform His word; there in is the promise fulfilled. Below are some reasons and benefits of tithing:

  1. Because We Love God: We do not tithe because someone preached a really good sermon, we tithe because we love God, we Tithe in obedience, we tithe to give back just as we have received. We bare His “giving” nature and so we “give”.
  2. To Support Kingdom Work: We Tithe to support Kingdom work. In return, God gives you more because He knows you will give towards the kingdom.
  3. To Help Those In Need/Poor: When we bring our tithes to the store house, it is to be used to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, etc. Your contribution towards this cause will be rewarded by God!
  4. For Investment Purposes: Tithing is an act of planting and thus will bring returns when planted properly.
  5. To Overflow in Abundance: Give and it shall be given unto you. In the same measure you give, you shall receive. God gives you more because He knows the more He gives you, the more you give to others.
  6. Rebuke The Devourer:  Whether you are in the new or old covenant, if God has said “do this” and I will rebuke the devourer for your sake, He has said it and He will do it. God can never go back on His word. God rebukes the devourer for your sake when you do this. Forget about what people are saying, just do your part, focusing on God and see Him manifest Himself. Malachi 3:10.

Who is the Devourer?

  • The devourer are things that take your money without trace. For example, accidents, unplanned repairs, repeated problems, etc. God has promised to protect you from the devourer when you Tithe. The devourer is a spirit that comes anytime without notice and can use anything to draw your money until you have nothing to spare. Since I started taking my tithes seriously, I realized I don’t have unannounced or unplanned issues anymore, God takes care of the devourer – instead that money that I would have used to pay for such things, I give it to those in need.

What & How Should You Give?

Tithe means 1/10 – even as Abraham gave (Acts 17:11), but the most important thing is to give as you are led. Generally, you can give anywhere from 1% to 100%. If you think that 1% is enough to show your appreciation to God then do 1%. But you and I know that we can do better than that. If we can give 20% of our earnings towards material things… then we can do better than that. Notwithstanding, if you want to follow in the steps of Abraham, then 1/10 should be a starting point, which means you can give more than that, but don’t ever do it by force. This is not an issue of 10 percent legality, this is simply saying…”God has given me this much, the least I could do is give back & as Abraham gave a tenth to show appreciation, we are to follow by giving a tenth as a minimum”. But if it is not in your heart to give, don’t bother to give. You are to give with understanding and not religiously. You are to give communing with the Lord & He who sees your intent and heart rewards you.

Quick Illustration

If you have a child and you give your child $100, and then you ask your child to lend you $10 to give to someone in need and your child says no, how would you feel? Let your conscience judge this matter for you. Again, God doesn’t need your money, but He is looking for who would open their hearts to “giving” freely & cheerfully so that He can bless/increase them the more. He loves a cheerful giver.

Where To Give?

Although some may argue that it has to be given only where you are being fed spiritually/church, we can see clearly that God can lead you to give anywhere. In the old testament, the storehouse was a physical building. Now the storehouse is within a person & where you are being fed spiritually or a physical building. Basically don’t limit yourself to a physical church. Be led by the Spirit.

Should I be Worried About False Preachers?

Leave false preachers to God & let Him be the judge. Stop trying to do God’s job. If you are led to give & you obey, you have done your part, leave the rest to God. Whatever man does with the money is left to God to judge.  If you give someone something, remove your eyes from it. If you are still trying to figure out what they would do with it, you haven’t released it freely. Besides, you cannot stop doing good because of the bad that others do…or doesn’t the bible tell us that “good overcomes evil”? If you listen to God in the first place, He will tell you where to give & you won’t give into places that are using it for wrong motives.

Principles of Giving

Having considered the above, you can’t just give to anyone, anyhow, anywhere, anytime, you are to be led by the Spirit when you give & He will tell you where to sow it, how to, how much and when it sow. As stated earlier, you are to give as you are led, not of necessity. When it comes to finances, ‪#‎prayer‬ alone cannot provoke a harvest. You *must give (simple principle). ^Yet not all “giving” ‘ll bring a ‪#‎harvest‬. ‪#‎When‬ you give, give according to God’s will/purpose, (1) not of necessity but as you purpose in your heart – even in love, (2) sow in a good/fertile ground & (3) be led by the Spirit…all in faith. The woman with the alabaster box, with her whole heart & as led, poured all she had on Jesus’ feet & that simple act provoked a memorial for her – even until the end of this age. *She met all the requirements of “acceptable” giving.

Personal Conviction

I ‘ve written what I ‘ve written with proofs. I give Tithe & I give based on Revelation of the living word – not just analyzing scriptures with mental capacity or intellect, but with proofs. I share to help people achieve what I ‘ve also achieved & I am not telling anybody to do what I do not do. Now if you do not give Tithe & you ‘re okay with that, that’s fine 🙂 Like I said, I ‘ve seen advantage in Tithing & I do it with great joy & delight. It doesn’t take anything out of me but Pride. Whether or not one thinks Tithing is for today, I’d rather give than NOT, I ‘d rather preach that people give, than NOT…because however you look at it, there is always advantage with giving, than not giving. I will now rest my case until we all see in heaven…by the grace of God 🙂

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